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Case Study - The Schofield residence - Dorset

Aluminium windows and doors in West Dorset


Mr. and Mrs. Schofield are a couple who recently built their dream home in Dorset, UK. They wanted a modern building that was filled with natural light, and thus decided to incorporate large bifold doors in the living room and floor-to-ceiling windows in the vaulted hallway. Being in a coastal area with harsh weather conditions, they wanted to ensure the products used in their home would be weather-resistant and thermally efficient.

Aluminium windows West Dorset


The Schofields decided to go with Smarts bifold doors and windows for their home, which are known for being both weather-tight and modern in appearance. The slim anthracite grey frames of the doors and windows fit in perfectly with their desired modern aesthetic. The two sets of bifold doors in the living room open in opposite directions, providing a completely open space in the summer to let in natural light.

Bifold door in West Dorset


Living in the South West of the UK, the Schofields were concerned about the cold winters on the coast. To keep their home warm and comfortable, they chose Smarts thermally efficient aluminum windows and doors. The Smarts products are designed to provide maximum insulation, preventing heat loss and reducing energy bills.


The Schofields’ home is now a modern, light-filled space that is well-equipped to handle the harsh weather conditions of the Dorset coast. The combination of weather-resistant and thermally efficient windows and doors provided by Smarts has helped the Schofields achieve the comfortable and energy-efficient home they desired.

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