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Case Study: Seaton House Renovation

Smarts bifold Seaton East Devon

Location: Seaton, East Devon

Project Overview:

The customer was looking to renovate their house rather than move, with a focus on creating an open-plan living room and kitchen. To achieve this, a large three-leaf bifolding door was installed to connect the interior with the garden. The customer desired a low threshold for easy access and our team was able to provide a solution by sinking the sill and the frame so the top of the threshold was level with the finished floor.

Key Features:

  • 3600mm wide three-leaf bifolding door

  • Low threshold for easy access

  • Seamless transition from interior to garden

  • Aluminium front door for a modern look


The installation of the large bifolding door and aluminium front door not only improved the functionality of the living space but also added a touch of class and modernity to the house. The low threshold solution provided by our team ensured a seamless transition between the interior and garden, making it easier for the customer to enjoy their outdoor space. The house renovation was a success and met the customer's expectations for a more open and modern living environment.

Aluminium front door in Seaton East Devon
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