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Origin OW-70 and OW-80 Aluminium Window

Aluminium french window East Devon

These slimline windows from Origin will compliment any project. The 65mm sightlines of the OW-70 are slim and elegant allowing light to flood into your home.


Notable features

Origins windows are unique in that they offer flush casement detailing. The flush casement means there's no overlap between the opening window and the fame, giving a clean and stylish look to the window. The OW-70 has flush casement on the inside only, while the OW-80 offers flush casement on the inside and outside.

The window ranges also offer larger opening window sizes than most other brands. Top hung opening lights can be as large as 1200mm wide and 1200mm high. The side hung windows can be up to an impressive 1300mm high and 700mm wide!

Origin window East Devon

Security and performance

_ASP3634 copy.rt-medium.jpg

All Origins windows are fitted with stainless steel multi-point locks and secure keeps. As a result, the windows engage smoothly and fit snugly in their locking points. Windows also come with bi-directional bolts giving additional security. As with all Origin products, the components are extensively cycle tested. As you'd expect from an Origin product, hinge guards, secure corner construction and excellent joint sealing practices are standard features on Origins windows.


The window lock meets BS EN 1670:2007 Grade 4, measuring against corrosion and contaminants. Every window has excellent compression providing superior weather rating as a result. Finally, the Nemesis lock works with the locking window handles in a choice of styles.

Industry firsts

Origin is constantly pushing the glazing industry boundaries. Some of their industry firsts include:


  • OW-70 Aluminium window lead time in as little as 1 week for popular colours

  • OW-80 Aluminium window lead-time of just 24 hours for popular colours.

  • Colour matched handles (if desired) in addition to the chrome and satin colours.

  • The OW-70 and OW-80 are manufactured exclusively by Origin.

  • An industry-leading 20-year guarantee.

  • Legendary Origin after-sales service


Comparison of the OW-70 and the OW-80

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