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Case Study: Modernizing a Beautiful House in Bridport, Dorset

Smarts aluminium windows Bridport Dorset

The challenge:

The owners of a beautiful house in Bridport, Dorset wanted to modernize the existing look of the property and maximize the views across the town and out to sea. With Bridport being situated on the coast and being battered by southwesterly winds, it was important for the windows and doors to be both thermally efficient and weather-resistant.

The solution:

After careful consideration, the owners chose the Smarts window and door system for their house. This included a bay window, single fully glazed doors, the Smarts Visoglide, and all the windows in the house. The old chunky white upvc windows and doors were replaced with thin light grey aluminium windows and doors, which not only modernized the look of the property but also improved the view from inside. All the windows were top hung rather than side hung, which allowed each opening window to be much bigger.

Aluminium windows in Dorset
Aluminium bay window in West Bay Dorset

The result:

The Smarts window and door system provided the owners with thermally efficient and weather-resistant windows and doors, which allowed them to maximize the views across the town and out to sea while also protecting their home from the harsh coastal winds. The updated look of the property not only modernized its appearance but also improved the overall aesthetic and functionality of the house. The owners were pleased with the results and proud of their beautiful home in Bridport.

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