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Origin Aluminium Bifold - OB49 & OB72

Origin OB-49 bifold door

The Best of British

Great Britain has a history of manufacturing some of the worlds most Iconic products; Rolls Royce, Bently, Burberry, Twinnings, the list goes on. These great manufacturers produce some of the highest quality products in the world. Origin and their bi-fold door system is no different. 

Design and manufacture take place at their High Wycombe Headquarters. Using high-grade aluminium and the latest manufacturing processes, the Origin OB49 and OB72 are perfectly crafted, resulting in a door system that definitely puts them in the Best of British camp.

Safety First

Safety has to be paramount. With finger safe gaskets, toughened glass, magnets to hold the doors in place and low-level thresholds to reduce trips, you can rest in the knowledge that Origins doors are safe as houses. 

finfer safe gaskets.jpg


White, grey, black and silver are the most popular colour choices but if your tastes are a little more adventerous you have over 150 colours to choose from, as well as dual colour and several woodgrain finishes. 


One of the most common questions we get asked is what are the sightline sizes? 

The OB-49 has sightlines of 110mm and the OB-72 has sightlines of 154mm. Both doors allow light to flood your home and provide a vast expanse of glass so you can enjoy the views into the garden.

Slim sightlines on bifold door

20 Year Guarantee

20 year guarantee.jpg

With every part of the design and manufacture taking place at Origin Globals headquarters, they are able to put each door through the strictest of quality tests. 

Rigorous research and development and only using the highest grade materials mean Origin is so confident in their doors they offer an industry-leading 20-year guarantee with every installation. 

Low Level Thresholds

Bi-folding doors offer the unique benefit of being able to really bring together your home and garden. Creating that truly seamless link is all in the threshold. It needs to be as low as possible yet designed in a way to keep even the toughest of British weather at bay. Watch the video to find out which threshold is best for your property.

Comparison of the OW-70 and the OW-80

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