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Smarts bifold doors fitted in Chard Somerset

Smarts Aluminium Bifold 

Smarts Architectural is the grandfather of the aluminium glazing industry. With over 30 decades of designing and manufacturing aluminium windows and doors, it's safe to say Smarts know how to build a great product.

Textured paint

Bring a whole new dimension to your doors by having them sprayed in Smarts Sensation range of textured paint, giving a unique matt finish. The hardwearing paint is scratch-resistant so your doors will stay looking pristine far longer than their UPV and timber counterparts. 

Smarts square edge.jpg

Square or round?

No other window and door system gives you the option of square or rounded edging. The squared profile gives a clean modern look while the rounded profile gives the doors a softer appearance.


A bifold door brings light into your home while allowing you a view into your garden. So keeping the aluminium frame to a minimum makes sense. The Smarts 1000 bifold has sightlines of just 132mm.

Origin door frames.jpg

The nations favourite

Smarts strong, reliable and stylish doors also come with an economical price tag, making it a firm favourite with the UK's building industry. From single extensions to large housing estates, UK housebuilders rate the smarts door number 1.


Grand Design always feature bifold door opening up onto a patio or deck at exactly the same level as the internal flooring. It creates a wonderful transition from indoors to outside. 

Smarts offer a couple of different thresholds to help you achieve the look and functionality you're looking for. There's the low-level threshold for unimpeded, easy access or there is the rebated threshold for improved weather protection. 

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