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Origin Aluminium Internal Doors. The perfect Statement Piece 

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Origin OI-30 Aluminium Internal Doors

Customize your Aluminum Internal Door to your exact specifications with our bespoke tailoring service. From door configuration and color to maximum size and frame options, we'll guide you through the process to create your ideal door. Choose from 4mm, 6mm, and 6.8mm glazing options, as well as a variety of customization features to make the OI-30 truly your own. Decide between horizontal and vertical Georgian-style bars, or have both for an even more personalized touch. You can even adjust the number of glazing bars to suit your design preferences, opting for a minimalist look with more glass and less bars or an Art Deco style with more bars.

Personalise Your Doors!

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Endless Possibilities

Choose from over 150 RAL colors to find the perfect sleek and modern design solution for dividing your space. Our interior doors are suitable for both residential and commercial use, perfect for breaking up a living room or dining room.


With a maximum frame width of 2,060mm and height of 3,048mm, the expansive size of the OI-30 French Internal Door system opens up endless possibilities for your property, whether it is for personal or commercial use. Each door can be as tall as 2,500mm and as wide as 1,000mm, and you can even add windows on top or on the sides for a complete look.

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