Sky Lights

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Our bespoke Rooflights are perfect for visually expanding areas and other closed-in dark spaces that can be transformed with daylight and sky views. The seamless design with no joints ensures protection from water accumulation and mould build up.

LBB Skylights let in twice as much light as vertical windows and will make a great impact on your living environment. High quality materials are used in manufacturing our rooflights to ensure the product is attractive and economical with excellent thermal performance. All our rooflights are custom made to customer specifications to meet the desired u value required to comply with building regulations.

Unlike some of our competitors, this stepped rooflight system once installed as per our fitting guide has been through independent RVA accredited testing and met the requirements for Air Permeability (EN12207) and Water Tightness (EN12208).

Building regs and performance

The rooflight Stepped Insulated Glazed Units (IGU’s) we supply are suitable for single storey flat roof extensions to existing residential dwellings. As each project can vary with requirements, we suggest confirming building regulation requirements for the product with the architect, builder or building officer prior to placing an order to ensure compliance. The installer should undertake a risk assessment. For example, it may need to be obscure, triple glazed, bigger upstand, suitable for walking on, laminated, etc.


Optional extras

  • Coloured boarders – If required we can paint any RAL colour to the boarder which is usually 100mm wide all around.

  • Pilkington Activ self cleaning glass – Applied coating breaks down dirt and washes away with rain water.

  • Pilkington Activ blue self cleaning glass – In addition to self cleaning properties the blue tint provides additional solar control performance by keeping internal temperatures cool whilst maintaining light transmission

  • Triple glazed skylights – achieving 0.9 centre pane U Value rating.

  • Privacy glass – We can apply a sandblasted frosted layer to make the skylight obscure.

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