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Roof lights are they right for your project?

Roof lights fitted in West dorest and East Devon

Choosing between a flat roof light and a pyramid roof lantern


While flat roof lights may seem more suited to modern structures with their sleek, clean lines and contemporary frames, UltrSky roof lanterns offer a modern style that can rival roof lights. However, roof lights have the advantage of not being visible from the garden and not blocking upper windows. On the other hand, flat roof lights offer a more minimalistic and modern style with a clear view to the sky and the outside, while UltrSky roof lanterns feature beams that add architectural interest with elegant thin aluminum frames.


Both roof lights and roof lanterns can have effective insulation, but lanterns have traditionally had weaker insulation due to seams between the glass panes. A flat roof light has a single connection which provides better insulation. However, UltrSky roof lanterns offer excellent heat retention with a thermally sealed edge and low U-value to maintain room temperature.

Anthracite roof lantern fitted in Exeter.jpeg
2 roof lanterns .jpeg


Flat roof lights tend to be cheaper per square meter, but the difference is not substantial. The price between the two options is not the deciding factor, but rather the quality of the product and installation. Our roof lanterns are made to measure and assembled on site, making them a unique option.

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