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Veranda: Attached or Freestanding?

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Summer arrives, and your garden bursts into life – a time for green thumbs, blooming flower beds, and colourful vegetable gardens. And what could be better than enjoying it all from the comfort of your veranda? But where should you place it – attached to the house or freestanding in the garden? Let's weigh the options.

Attached Veranda:

  1. Dry Indoors and Outdoors: Enjoy the outdoors while sheltered from the elements without the need to dash to a freestanding veranda.

  2. Extension of the House: Seamlessly extend your living space, connecting indoors with the outdoors for a refreshing experience.

  3. Additional Insulation: Benefit from warmth retention or pleasant circulation, potentially reducing energy costs.

  4. Garden Room Potential: Easily transform it into a garden room for year-round enjoyment with options like glass sliding doors or aluminum panels.

  5. Preservation of Natural Light: Choose options like glass roofing or retractable roofs to maintain ample natural light.

Freestanding Veranda:

  1. Integrated with Your Garden: Seamlessly blend your veranda into your garden's landscape, offering flexibility in placement and usage.

  2. Maximum Outdoor Enjoyment: Embrace unobstructed views of your garden and soak up the sun, enhancing the sensation of outdoor living.

  3. More Distance from Home: While requiring a bit more effort for gatherings, it offers a unique charm and adds steps to your daily count.

Whether you prefer the convenience of an attached veranda or the charm of a freestanding one, both options extend your living space and elevate your connection with the outdoors. Explore the possibilities and enhance your living experience today.

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