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5 EASY and cheap ways to get your garden summer ready! ⛱

The days are getting longer, the sun's peeking through - it must be time to think about summer BBQs and alfresco living.


Unleash your inner artist and get creative with colour – it's an easy way to breathe life into faded outdoor spaces. Whether you're revamping a rusty garden bench or brightening up algae-covered plant pots, adding some vibrant hues can instantly refresh the view from inside as well as out! So don't just close those curtains: show off that zingy colour statement instead.


Furnishing your garden doesn't have to be a financial nightmare! With the right eye and some creativity, you can transform it into an oasis of relaxation without breaking the bank. Keep an eagle-eye out for secondhand furniture, patterned rugs, and warm blankets, and then go crazy with paints or other materials to tie in that extra bit of pizzaz with your bifold doors.


Start the season off with a bang by accessorizing your garden! Whether you have bifold doors or not, strike out at early springtime greyness and welcome in some colour. Pick up some terracotta pots from any nearby garden centre - they are an inexpensive way to create serious impact on tired spaces. Looking for something that stands out? Wall-mounted planters filled with climbing plants will turn heads without breaking the bank!

Fix It

Free yourself of the burden and kick off your home improvement journey right now! Fixing up those pesky problems - like an uncooperative gate, a busted slide or clogged gutters – will bring you one step closer to "Home Improvement Peace Of Mind". So don't wait til summertime before tackling all that needs doing. Get it sorted early in the year so when summer arrives, all you'll have left is enjoying YOUR garden view with no nagging feeling hanging over ya' head!

Make Plans

It's time to get ready for the summer season! With the sunshine and warm weather, people now understand that they need more natural light in their homes. Why not let nature flood your home with sunlight by installing beautiful bifold doors? Get started on these plans today - don't wait till later or it'll be too late!

Now is the perfect time to talk to us. Don't worry if you're yet to get your outdoor space shipshape; come chat with us now so that when those sunny skies arrive, you'll have all the doors in place for a perfect party!

For your no obligation quote visit or call 01297 533650

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