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3 Reasons to Maximise the Light in your Home

WHY should we be prioritising light into our home? Well... maximizing light in your home can benefit you immensely, both physically and mentally. Here are 3 reasons why! 1. Studies have found that natural light stimulates the production of serotonin in the brain, which helps to improve overall wellbeing and mood. It is also important for regulating our circadian rhythms, which are responsible for keeping us awake during the day and helping us get a restful night's sleep. Additionally, exposure to natural light can help to combat seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a type of depression related to changes in seasons. Natural light has even been linked with better cognitive performance - people who live in homes with ample natural lighting tend to be more productive during daytime hours than those without.

By bringing in more natural light into your home, you can enjoy numerous physical and mental health benefits that come from improved mood and energy levels as well as better sleep quality. Natural light during the day can also help promote healthy sleeping habits. Natural light helps regulate mood, energy levels, and sleep/wake cycles, so opening windows or spending time outdoors can give your body signals that it’s time to rest when evening approaches.

2. In addition to its health benefits, maximising sunlight can also result in savings on your energy bills. Sunlight helps to warm up a room, and in wintertime this can help to offset the need for artificial heating. When the sun shines through windows during warmer months, it can keep temperatures cool and reduce air conditioning costs. In any season, maximising natural light will help you rely less on electric lights throughout the day, which can save you money in the long run, which is good for your pocket and your well being!

3. Natural light can help create a brighter and more inviting environment, making it easier to relax and feel comfortable at home and can aid in creating an atmosphere that promotes focus, productivity and wellbeing. Having lots of natural light makes your home more attractive to buyers too!

Bi fold doors, sliding doors, and roof-lights are an increasingly popular choice among homeowners due to the way they maximise light and space in your home. Unlike traditional single or double hung windows, bifold doors open completely so that you can enjoy natural lighting and full views of your outdoor surroundings. And sliding doors have less aluminium frame so you can enjoy an uninterrupted view! Roof Lanterns are a brilliant way to let light in from the ceiling and add to the overall feeling of light and space in a room.

Overall, bifold and sliding doors are an excellent way of maximising light and space in your home without sacrificing style or security. Whether you’re looking for traditional or modern designs, these versatile frames offer a great solution for all types of property styles. Not only do they create a bright and airy atmosphere indoors, but they can also make your home more attractive to buyers, and help save you money on your energy costs too! So the question is.... Can you afford not to?

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